Summer Sips: What’s on my Menu

it’s ok, i was in london, it’s practically legal to drink in public there

Yes, I know…sunshine has barely graced us here in Vancouver thus far – but that hasn’t stopped the party, what with birthdays, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and mad dashes to the beach during those brief snippets of clear skies.

I like to keep my cocktails simple: whiskey, wine, and (/or…) vodka.  I’m good to go with a burnt vodka martini with a lemon twist, my hip flask filled with whiskey, and basically any type of wine will do though I am currently obsessed with See Ya Later’s Pinot Noir.  And of course I can’t leave out beer, since you need something to wash down that whiskey.

Aside from these basic libations, there some new favourites I feel compelled to share.

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey is no longer to be consumed on its own; Picklebacks are the new deal.  One shot of whiskey chased with one shot of quality pickle brine.  You will be surprised at how much you love it.  This delicious combo was made famous at a bar in Brooklyn earlier this year, and in mere months has caught such a wind that bartenders across the nation are doling out pickle juice shots one shocked and disgusted face at a time.  I hear there are even establishments opening up down south that are strictly devoted to Picklebacks – imagine, bars stocked to the nines with top notch whiskeys and different concoctions of pickling brine.  It’s like a dream.

sidewalk satiation, still in the uk

While we’re on the topic of Jameson’s, a hot day at the rodeo last summer saw the invention of yet another drink involving this ingredient.  When beer gets too bloaty and cider too sweet, throw some ice in a glass and share your bottle with friend, mixing half a beer with half a cider.  A light lager paired with a dry apple cider works best, and to really round out the flavours top it off with a shot of whiskey.  That right there is what we like to call a Spanknight (akin to a Snakebite).  Again, you will get some raised eyebrows if you ever order this in a bar, but it’s well worth the perceived embarrassment.

If you are a PBR drinking hipster you’re probably all over the Palm Bay, I’m seeing it everywhere.  Men especially seem to be on to this vodka cooler in a can (maybe because it looks like a beer?), but in my opinion the only flavour worth a what is the pink grapefruit, and even then I max out at 2 cans.  My friend Crystal swears by the pineapple orange, but also lovingly refers to it as diabetes in a can, which probably isn’t far off the mark.

a really old bottle of dubonnet found in a really old town

My Grandma had it all figured out for her post dinner drink, and I’m following cordially in in her footsteps with Dubonnet (red), a wine based aperitif.  If you pay more than $8 for a 2oz pour you’re being severely ripped off, and it should be served on ice with a wedge of lemon.  Settle for nothing less, as these are key components.

Does it sound like I have a problem yet?  Happy (responsible and of-age) drinking everyone!

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