Veet Hair Removal Giveaway

Veet is pretty much a no-brainer.  Such a no-brainer that when a friend of mine suggested I hold a waxing ‘party’ for this contest – because waxing used to be so difficult in the past that you literally needed assistance – I laughed her off and explained that I was pretty pro now.

Since I am a total fan of 1) Veet, and, 2) Poetry, I decided to launch this little Twitter contest so you can win a $100 Veet gift basket of your very own.

Blogger Contest_Giveaway

Here’s the deal:

Tweet me (@tpotratz) with a short poem containing the word “hair” and #veetcontest, and you’re entered to win.

Here’s some inspirational entries so far:

  • Thick hair = more flare = more snare = more care (…required)
  • I just want to share, I truly love my hair, if I didn’t care, my head would soon be bare
  • Spring’s twilight ebbs by, Summer raises sunny head, hair sprouts must now fall
  • Roses are red / Boxes are square / Please help me, Veet® / Deal with this hair!
  • Of all the hair in the world to shave .. To see Russell Brand bald would be my fave !!

I’ll be choosing a winner this week so get that paper to pen and be spring-ready with this awesome prize pack!


  1. Post a comment below if ya like!
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