Nice Tits

Our grandmothers may turn up their noses at the notion of going braless, but whether you’re perky or pulpy, letting the girls out is the ultimate show of confidence….but there are some guidelines to be followed.

When not to go braless:

  • Job interviews (unless you’re a stripper).
  • Running, or any other sports oriented activity. Bicycle riding not included.
  • When cleavage is an important accessory.
  • When you’re wearing see through shirts (please see “When to” rules below).

When to go braless:

  • Pretty much all the time.
  • Especially when you’re wearing see through shirts (please see “When not to” rules above).

Regarding clear bra straps: please re-read the “When to go braless” guidelines above. If you think clear bra straps are necessary for halter dresses, tube tops/dresses, any shoulder/back baring outfit, or anything even related, please be advised that strapless bras are acceptable alternatives if you aren’t comfortable with letting the cowgirls loose. So please throw those unsightly, shiny and so very obvious plastic death straps in the garbage. You’re not fooling anyone.

  1. hh

    Thank you! I think the clear straps are ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS and it’s about time someone said so!

  2. Alec

    I go bra-less all the time

  3. star anise

    This made me laugh out loud. Love it! And yes, clear bra straps should be banished.
    Wild Thyme and I refer to our no bra day as Tits Out Tuesdays. Love going braless. I’m thankful that I have small boobs and that I don’t have to wear a bra.

  4. Leah

    THANK YOU for sharing your sentiments on the whole “clear bra straps” phenomenon. That are awful! And you are so right to say that they aren’t fooling anyone.
    I don’t ever go braless except for in bed – I will give it a try.
    By the way – loving your blog! Saw it featured on Canada Blog Friends the day before mine was :D

  5. Escangeappala

    неплохая мысль +1

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