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BOOOOOOOM! runs participatory projects every so often, and the newest one is up and ready for your submission. The task: draw a picture of yourself with your eyes closed.

I read this, was reminded of doing similar projects in high school art class, and swiftly set to drawing a picture of myself without looking at the paper while doing so. Jeff sent me back a confused email, explaining that I was supposed to draw (with eyes open) a portrait of myself with closed eyes. Two minutes later he writes again, happily noting that he realized what I had done and that it added a nifty new dimension to the project.

Here is a fine example of a talented artist and her interpretation of the project:

And my attempt, a 30 second blind drawing with a highlighter:

Now, you’ve seen what can be done – if you can’t draw (ahem, please see above), just have fun with it! Close your eyes and allow yourself to sketch a ridiculous drawing of yourself. If you can draw, make sure those eyes are closed in the image. I can’t wait to see the rest of the entries once the project is over! Two entrants will win 500 free business cards from, so there’s some extra incentive. Now get cracking.

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